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    Hayden Road Animal Hospital is an A+ operation from nose to tail. Their expertise in police K-9 medicine attracted me to the practice.

    My German Shepherds were adopted from the pound. However, they receive the same world class medical care as the finest police service dogs. I would give HRAH 10 stars if I could.

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    Dr. Wayne Svoboda is one of the best I have found when it comes to reptile vets (and vets in general I am sure).

    I had previously seen him at another hospital and wanted to take my leopard gecko to him again, so I found Hayden Road Animal Hospital. He has always gone out of his way to educate me on what exactly is going on and what I can do to remedy it, which I really appreciate.

    I am always looking to understand more that I might not know about geckos and how to address issues myself that may arise. My gecko had a fairly serious infection and he took good care of him while we were there.

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    My wife and I took our 9 month old boxer puppy (they can be a handful if you’re unaware) for both basic and intermediate dog training at Hayden Road Animal Hospital and we were extremely happy with the results.

    Liz is a fantastic trainer and works with you to develop the habits that YOU WANT in your dog not just what they think that you should learn.

    We are now looking to utilize Liz’s fantastic training with our 5 year old Boxer (who did go through another training program at a large retail chain).

    I would highly recommend Hayden Road Animal Hospital not only for their veterinary services but the fantastic training programs they offer.

    The one thing that this vet’s office has that sets them apart from other’s is their ability to make you feel welcome and that they are always their for you and your pet.

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    I have to say that in the 15 years I have owned ferrets I have seen multiple Veterinarians that said they are a small animal and exotic animal Vet.

    Doctor Wayne is the only one I went back to and continue to with my Foster ferrets and my personal ferrets as well as my other pets.

    He had NEVER pressured me into a procedure that wasn’t necessary. He has never pressured me at all! I have never felt that I was being price gouged like other Vets.

    He has always used his time with me to teach me more and make sure I fully understand the care and needs of my animals so I become an even care provider.

    He and his staff truly embraced me and my fur babies as family with follow up calls and true compassion with every visit and phone call.

    I will always go to him and his son Dr. Ryan for my animal care needs. They are the best Veterinarians I have ever met and dealt with in my 37 years of being on this planet and being an animal owner.

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    Hayden Road Animal Hospital is a great new one-stop pet health facility. Don’t let the word ‘Hospital’ make you think that your animal has to be in bad shape to be seen. Rather it means that this place can take care of just about any problem.

    Drs. Svoboda (Father & Son) are tremendous Docs that look out for for pets like they are their own! Unlike 99% of other veterinary practices. These professionals provide world class care, without trying to upsell you on random garbage.

    My dog had allergy issues, and instead of buying super expensive doggie allergy pills, I was told what I could buy at Costco to help my dog with this ongoing issue.

    Cost? $16 for a year supply. Drs. Svoboda would rather take great care if your four-legged family member for life, then screw you over once, unlike many other shady places.

    I give Hayden Road Animal Hospital my highest endorsement! Amazing care, skilled AND kind Doctors and staff, and genuine care and concern make this place my best and only choice.

    Side note- don’t be alarmed if you see police vehicles in the parking lot. Drs. Svoboda take care of numerous valley police agency K9s- which says a great deal about them! If cities can trust their $40,000 crime fighting machines to Hayden Road Animal Hospital-  you better believe we can too!

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    Always look forward to dealing with Doc Svboda! I can not explain well enough how this father/ son team cares about what they do!

    They are good people and will always look to do right by you and your animals. Thanks for all you guys do, we all appreciate it.

    W Z

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    Gill was a regular at University down in Tempe but only because that’s where the rescue I adopted him from got him vaccinated. After 6 months or so I realized it was time to find a new vet that is much closer.

    I did some browsing on Yelp and found Dr Ryan. The man is pure class. I’ve only been here twice but both times went as smoothly as they could possibly go.

    The staff is sweet and Dr Ryan knows his shit. He explains everything and does his best to educate you on how to keep your pet healthy.

    If Gill is a fan then so am I!

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    Dr. Ryan Svoboda, DVM and staff were very nice, professional and attentive to my Maine-Coon Chewie and I yesterday when we visited on short notice.  Dr. Ryan took time to show me x-rays and explain blood-work results, etc.

    These people really care about your animal and you.  And Dr. Ryan has a pleasant, professional bedside manner.  They have our business from now on.  Well done!

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    Dr. Ryan was so comforting and personable. The receptionist was very outgoing and friendly.The tech was kind and helpful. We are very glad you have become the new owner.